The Mipa Pro Mix Industrial series offers industrial primers and top coats, single or two component, of different gloss levels and structures for all common kinds of applications such as brushing, rolling or spraying.


AK 105

Fast drying synthetic resin primer suitable for application in thick layers on steel substrates to give excellent anti-corrosive protection (zinc phosphate). For interior and exterior use. Recoatable with Mipa 1K and 2K paints. Chromate and lead free. Available in oxide yellow, medium grey and brown oxide.

AK 246

Fast drying and high resistant synthetic paint for construction machines, chassis, molds or containers. For interior and exterior use. Low solvent content.

EP 164

Chromate free primer for high-build coatings, based on two component zinc phosphate epoxid resin, for steel, zinc plated steel, aluminium, glass fiber reinforced plastic and mineral substrates. Suitable for chemical protection coating, as well as intermediate coating for epoxy zinc-rich priming. Especially designed for Airmix / Airless and Electrostatic applications.

PU 240

2K-polyurethane-acryl high performance coating suitable for commercial vehicles, facade construction elements and heavily strained machines and constructions. Excellent application properties such as remarcable hiding power, spreading rate, high gloss stability, chemical and mechanical resistance.

PU 257

2K-polyurethane-acryl high performance (DTM) direct to metal coating designed to give active anti-corrosive protection to a wide range of surfaces such as trucks, machinery and constructions. It may also be applied by brushing und rolling.



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