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Updated: Jun 17, 2022

Head Trainer of Menzerna Global Chris Senn's hands-on training session is a success!

Beginners & Expert Detail Training Sessions

It has been a privilege to host Menzerna's Global Head Trainer Chris Senn in his very first training session in the states! Even with it being the holiday weekend we had people travel from out of state to be able to attend. We're so honored to have such incredible patrons! Hosting an event like this requires a lot of planning and coordination so we would love to thank everyone who showed up to these sessions.

Beginners to Detailing

The morning training session was highly informative, going over the very basics of detailing. Discussing the correct order for every step of the vehicle detailing and cleaning process. Then going over tips and techniques that pros use to make their cars sparkle like new! Chris went over the steps of the detailing process that any beginner is sure to understand.

1. Wash Your Cars Exterior - Use Menzerna's MZ Wash, BLYSK Green Bubble, or any other high-quality car shampoo. Get a microfiber wash mitt, bucket, and grit guard and start at the top and clean your car, working your way down to the bottom of the door panels. Once you've dried your car with a super soft microfiber towel you're now ready for correcting and polishing!

2. To remove stains, scratches, swirls, and oxidation, professional detailers use Menzerna Heavy Cut for severe scratches and or Menzerna Medium Cut for moderate scratches.

3. Protection is key, once you have a glossy, scratch-free finish, it’s time to protect your hard work with a layer sealant. Menzerna sealants offer long-lasting protection against environmental influences. For a protected, perceptibly smoother surface with a brilliant gloss. Ideal protection against dirt and optimum beading behavior is guaranteed.

Chris demonstrates how to use Menzerna's polishes in an expert detailing session.

Experts Detailers

Our afternoon expert detailing session started with some very important product information and background on Menzerna polishes. Then we dived into the demonstration portion of the session, while also answering some very interesting questions from participants. The training session allowed everyone to work one-on-one with Chris and ask any in-depth questions.

After the training session, everyone received a Menzerna Polishing Certificate and a gift bag valued at over $200! The gift bags included Menzerna polishes and BLYSK car care products. Of course, the event had plenty of snacks and beverages, but one of the best surprises had to be the 15% off coupon everyone received after the training session that you could use at our store! It was quite exciting to have everyone rush to the shop afterward to purchase some polishes and detailing products!

The Perfect Partnership

It has been a privilege to partner with Menzerna Global these last couple of years. We are honored to be the number one distributor for Menzerna in the United States and hope to continue and grow our relationship.

As for our loyal patrons, we are excited about what the year will bring! We hope to continue to host more training sessions and as always bring you excellent service and quality products.

Don't forget to subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest news, events, and updates. We hope to have similar training sessions like this in the future and we hope to see you all there!

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